‘Dani’ (2014) was a collaborative piece created with myself, Alice Joel, Christina Lucia Giuffrida and Akil Ahamat. The work was exhibited at Home@735 in 2014. The work extends the fluidity of gender. Dani is, rather, an experimental narrative installation of a being in a world of perpetual twilight – a grey zone. 

The three installations work as one whole work that transformed the space into world of everlasting twilight. The parallel universality is informed by practices of: tradition, mysticism and ritual – through liquefaction. The space was enhanced through a ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ glow that aimed to comfort and challenge the audience as they moved throughout the space, it encapsulated them and rejected them. The sound attached allowed for the state of the audience to be questioned in a satirical manner, subverting mainstream beauty advertising and employing sounds that have a physiological affect on the human body.

The work challenged the states one considers to be ‘manly’ or ‘womanly’ and instead presents an anxious exhibition of perpetual fluxus. The work inverted the reflexive nature of gender and brought the outsider to the forefront of the work, making the majority (the audience) the outsider – marginalising the marginaliser. Ultimately, it was a meditation on the world one constructs and how to survive in it by reflecting and absorbing constructions and deconstructions.